Booming Of Coffee House Culture In And Around: Points To Know

The History Of French Press

Coffee house Business In India: India is mainly a tea-drinking nation with very little coffee consumption. Gradually, the scenarios have changed. Therefore, people who have cravings for coffee in the mornings cannot just do without it. Freshly prepared instant coffee is a typical morning refreshment in almost every Indian household.

Globally, India is now the sixth most prominent producer of coffee. Evolution of coffee shops: Indian Coffee House to Cafe Coffee Day. Furthermore, instant coffee is the most influential source in the country. Its significant advantage lies in its natural and quick preparation. Hence, the first coffee shop to open in the country, the Indian Coffee House, started in 1957 and is regularly serving in more than 400 areas.

In 1996, giving a proper place for people to meet up, Cafe Coffee The day, got started with more than 1500 outlets all over the world. Moreover, this company grows its coffee in its estates of 12,000 acres. It also exports to many countries, like Europe, the USA, and Japan. So, When one sees the history of the coffee business, the current scenario of coffee in the country is way different from it. CCD is the trailblazer of coffee culture in India.

Booming Of Coffee House Culture In  And Around: Points To Know
Booming Of Coffee House Culture In And Around: Points To Know

Success In The Coffee House Business

According to Cafespaces, CCD enforced an uprising that others soon followed. Barista Café was launched in the year 2000 and has around 250 stores. Moreover, another coffee company, Costa Coffee, opened in 2005, with 100 stores, with a significant expansion in the future. McCafe is an outlet from McDonald’s chain of this company, intending to set up 100 stores by 2019.

Factors For The Rise Of The Coffee Business

  1. Rising middle class.
  2. Growing brand awareness.
  3. The vibe of western culture available at home, which is helping in growing the coffee culture in India.
  4. Luxury, comfort, and status symbol are essential factors driving the craze for cafés in Indian cities.
  5. Properly cleaned washrooms and sitting places, Wi-Fi enabled and provision of electric sockets, are active components leading to the enormous growth of café chains in the country.

However, there has been an important shift in the type of consumers visiting coffee shops. Like many years ago, Kolkata’s iconic Indian Coffee House was a central place for students, teachers, academicians, and intellectuals. Furthermore, it was a place to share, gossip, and debate among friends or seniors, on topics like cinema, literature, science, politics, and joint issues. While the opened cafés are popular with youths and college students, they are more chilled out, in comparison with the older generations.

On the other hand, exercising in coffee shops is a new trend in India, which is why many cafes are employing it here. Thus, they are modifying it into time-served working spaces during the daytime.

Booming Of Coffee House Culture In  And Around: Points To Know
Booming Of Coffee House Culture In And Around: Points To Know

Prospect Of The Cafe Chains

The fast development of high-grades malls and merchandising complexes are permitting coffee chains to enlarge their mark in the country. So, there is an extreme shift in consumer demand for expensive brands. It is giving the necessary drive to new ‘hang out zones’ in urban India.

Extensive developments, growing urbanization, an increase in per capita income, and readily replaceable earnings are making a pleasant surrounding for the culture of coffee to prosper in India.

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