Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit -

Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit

Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit
Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit

Coffee is one of the most preferred drinks around the world. The craze for this drink has increased so much with time that people can’t function without them. Of the sectors are developing too much nowadays, coffee shops and cafes are an enormous hit these days. Coffee shops are opening at a rapid rate which is adding to the business of the Coffee owner. The increase in the consumption of coffee has also increased the rate of criticism among the people are now searching for quality coffee

Millions of people drink coffee every day in the morning, and behind their every cup of coffee, there is a story. Everyone has their reason for their share of coffee. So we can say that coffee isn’t just a drink, it tells stories. Sometimes there are the stories behind a cup of coffee, and sometimes stories are spilled over a cup of coffee.

Facts About Coffee

Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit
Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit
  • About $40 billion is spent every year on coffee.
  • Coffee decreases the risk of type II diabetes and liver disease.
  • About 54% of the World population drink coffee each day.
  • There are different variants of coffee, and each coffee has its unique taste and distinctions.
  • About 37% of the children in the present generation are drinking coffee annually.

Some Must-Visit Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit
Coffee Shops Around The World To Visit

Owners of Coffee shops are coming up with new ideas now and then to decorate and redecorate their shops. The increased consumption of coffee is the reason behind it. People are now trying their best to beat their competitors, so here is a list of some of the best coffee shops from around the world.

Heart Coffee Roasters In Portland

Affogato is one of the most loved dishes of this place. The recipe is a perfect combination of espresso with homemade coconut ice cream. Coffee beans are roasted in the Portland shops, which gives them a unique smell of coffee. The shop also serves some of the best coffee from around the world.

Kaffeine In London

The coffee in this place is just heavenly. Want a trip that will take you out of this world come and have a cup of coffee at this place. The coffee here includes a shot of espresso, a single shot of cappuccino and some cold brew cascara. This place serves some of the excellent craft lattes from around the world.

Stumptown Coffee Roaster In Portland

Stumptown is known for brewing its toddy for 12 hours before serving it to the customers. Toddy is one of the most caffeinated drinks that anyone will ever consume. The coffee has a unique flavor, and that comes from the time it takes for brewing. It has a unique taste of chocolate and a slightly acidic taste. It is a perfect hot summer drink.

Blue Bottle Coffee In Oakland

Craving for a sweet and delicious coffee, we have the perfect place that will serve you coffee. The process of brewing the coffee is very different. The coffee here is cold brewed for 12 hours with chicory and is served with organic cane sugar. Bluebottle is one of the best places to have your iced coffee in New Orleans.

Coffee Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

It is the only place in the world that serves coffee with a blend of soda syrup. Sometimes people add sparkling water or milk just for a change in taste and for some kick.

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