Coffee Tumblers For Serious Coffee Lovers - coffee tumblers

Coffee Tumblers For Serious Coffee Lovers

That drink that keeps you up to finish some long-overdue work. That drink that wakes you up in the morning just by its aroma alone. You and I are in love with it. Coffee. And with your own coffee tumblers, you can have this magical (we dare say) drink handy 24/7. But read on to know what coffee really is all about

Coffee Tumblers And Some Coffee 101

Coffee Tumblers: Coffee History

The things we have every day are those we know the least about. If this is true or not for you, well, we won’t let it slip when it comes to our favorite drink.

How did coffee get to the status it’s in today? Let’s start at the very beginning.

Researches show that Ethiopia may be the “mother home” of coffee. That his is where coffee plants were first planted and discovered to produce the aromatic energizer.

Coffee Tumblers And Some Coffee 101

However, other studies also show that Yemen might be its origin. During the 15th century, coffee beans were first ground and made into a drink. From there, it spiraled its way upward, and across the globe.

For the latter, you could say that the Arabian Peninsula is where coffee began to proliferate as a popular drink. The 15th or 16th century saw this emerging societal drink.

Even at the time, it was drunk during societal gatherings and chitchats. Also, as a pair to listening to music or other relaxing activities.

Nobody knew what to call it yet. So, it was known as “the Araby wine.” It didn’t get one drunk. But it did have that body-warming effect most wine usually have.

Its History, Continued

The blank beverage was brought into Europe and immediately gained immense popularity. There was just something about the bitter yet sweet beverage that kept people asking for more.

Although, as things new are often perceived with skepticism so was coffee. The Catholic church called it Satan’s drink, in reference to its color, being the color of evil. Only later on was it studied and accepted as nothing but a drink.

When wine and beer were costly, coffee was the alternative. One could join a societal conversation and purchase affordable coffee. To stimulate conversations and to stimulate sleepy bodies.

Coffee Tumblers And Some Coffee 101

Coffee houses began to emerge and these aromatic beans became more of a fad than you’d expect. A lot of experimentation began with it. Expanding its taste and flavor. Adding depth. Furthermore, discoveries of different coffee beans in different parts of the world began to happen as well.

We’re speculating it has always been that way. Your excitement for coffee houses and having that drink there instead of in any other place. How coffee houses today have that certain special aura, it was always so even in the past. Sipping a cold or hot brew in a peaceful space. Alone or with your friends. Talking about your life and musings. It’s a practice that has been passed on from generation to generation. A practice you to, we’re certain, have come to love.

Moreover, coffee houses, or cafes, began testing their creativity. Adding menus to their coffee drink list. Mostly pastries, to match the zest of the dark beverage.

Finally, the stigma of coffee being banned by the clergy in Europe was lifted. Coffee began spreading like wildfire in Asia, and in the Americas. Now, to you.

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