Great Glass Coffee Mugs For Great Tasting Java -

Great Glass Coffee Mugs For Great Tasting Java

Coffee Mug And Coffee Information: Coffee Love

You’d have to agree that coffee is a staple for our meals. Or maybe not meals, necessarily. But to our mood. They perk us up and keep us alert when we need to the most. Similarly, they invite a sense of calm that allows us to relax and let loose. Your best partner for a long day of work is coffee and your coffee mug. These will never do you wrong, we promise.

Coffee Mug: Introduction To Coffee

Coffee is brewed from coffee beans. We know, we know. This is a bit of an obvious statement. However, this really how dictionaries describe it. We’re merely doing due-diligence of posting factual information. The two main types of beans are known as Arabica and Robusta. Arabica, the more commonly used in the world.

These magic beans, not the Jack and the Beanstalk type, are said to have been discovered in 800 A.D. It has an acidic effect. On the other hand, it is seen as a stimulant as it contains caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that stimulates us so that we feel energized and alert.

More Coffee Information For Your Reading Pleasure

Coffee Mug And Coffee Information: Coffee Love

One of the older types of coffee drink is instant. It has been around for over 250 years! At the time, they didn’t come in the same sachets we know and love today, of course. Additionally, it wasn’t until 1910 when it was finally found in grocery stores and markets. That is, after having received its patent.

There is such a thing as a coffee capital. We’re talking globally here, folks. And it’s none other than Finland. What’s ironic is that the country imports its coffee beans. Still, in terms of ratio, the Finnish consume the most cups of coffee than any other nation!

During the 1932 Olympics, coffee beans were the financial support for the Brazilian team. The team didn’t have enough resources to send them to the internationally acclaimed sporting event. Equivalently, they were talented as they were resourceful. Being the number one country that produces coffee beans, they financed their trip through the sale of these amazing beans.

More Coffee Information For You…

Starbucks is everywhere. Even at the CIA compound! This coffee house and brand has come far indeed. From its originators being banned from taking out a loan from the bank when they first started. Now, a multi-billion dollar franchise. The CIA themselves have to get their hands on the signature coffee name.

Coffee Mug And Coffee Information: Coffee Love

Coffee could be a drink for your vehicle, too. Not that your vehicle can actually drink. However, studies have shown that it might be possible to convert these beans into biodiesel. That’s environment-friendly fuel for you, your car, and the drivers of tomorrow!

The world wasn’t always accepting of the beverage. There was a time in history when coffee was thought to be a concoction from hell. You probably aren’t aware of this. Neither were we. In other parts of the globe, coffee was making men zombies. Not literally, but as an effect of too much consumption of it. Furthermore, people actually wanted it to be banned. Its production protested against! Can you imagine? We can’t.

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