Museums For All Your Coffee Musings: How Coffee Works

Museums For All Your Coffee Musings: How Coffee Works

The popularity of coffee seems to be growing every second, as you might be thinking about how coffee works. Coffee with its multi-faceted traits is a go-to beverage for all those struggling to wake up, running late, working late hours, or trying to woo a date. A healthy drink with a subtle voice mellows all hearts. Calling all coffee enthusiasts (and non-lovers) to the land of Brazil and Austria are two museums entirely made out of coffee artifacts!

Brazil Coffee Museum

Brazil, a paradise of the coffee hub, also has a gift in store for all its coffee lovers in the form of a museum in Sao Paulo.

Museums For All Your Coffee Musings: How Coffee Works
Museums For All Your Coffee Musings: How Coffee Works

Tracing the coffee business of Brazil, which began in the 18th century in the state of Pará, till the 21st century, we can see that it has succinctly contributed to the development of the entire country. The museum opened its doors in 1922 to promote the trade of the cash crop. The museum, with its beautiful architecture and extravagant rooms, gained the attention of the spectators rapidly. To celebrate the contribution of “Samson of the Wharves” in the coffee trade, the museum exhibits all his adventures.

The ground floor serves as a research center while the auction room hosts Sao Paulo’s elite and trade events. The room decorated with stained glasses and antique paintings is considered one of the most coveted attractions of the massive palace.

The coffee-making process or how coffee works is as addictive as drinking it, and the museum has provided for a real-life tour for the spectators through the nitty-gritty of the entire process- from the arrival of the first coffee shrub to the pinnacle it has reached today. Keeping all your coffee fantasies in mind, the museum also has a course for barista training, and if you’re interested in something worthwhile, do try out their workshops.

The coffee shop will meet all your souvenir fetishes with their vast array of coffee specialties from different parts of Brazil. Go ahead, Take a little of Brazil home with you!

Coffee Museum In Vienna

This is a private museum established by Kaffee Kompentenz Zentrum, is a tale of every man who can never have enough coffee! Focusing on the economic and socio-cultural aspect of coffee, this museum is the golden ticket to Zentrum’s coffee factory. Consolidated by Edmund Mayr, the curator, the museum is a rich mine of coffee artifacts and collections.

A walk in the museum will guarantee a course through history, the culture that has created the coffee empire. The grinders and accessories will give you a glimpse into how coffee works and finally reaches your taste buds. Various exhibitions, concerts, and awards keep the place buoyant, and if you’re lucky, you might also score a personalized tour by the man, Mayr himself!

Suggested Product To Explore How Coffee Works

Museums For All Your Coffee Musings: How Coffee Works
Museums For All Your Coffee Musings: How Coffee Works

The set of 10 heart-shaped coffee spoons will surely bring your kitchen feel of a personal museum of your own. The stainless steel ensures durability for personal use and makes it a perfect choice for gifting too.

The robust drink that Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts runs on has a nostalgic touch of history of its own. The complete experience for any coffee enthusiast is achievable now, all thanks to these establishments and conservationists of coffee.

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