Pour Over Coffee Maker Kitchen Tool


The Pour Over Coffee Maker is a simple kitchen tool that requires no electricity
It’s a convenient all-in-one coffee maker; The brewed coffee can be poured directly to a mug
It has a temperature resistance of -30°C to 150 °C
Material: High Borosilicate Glass/ Volume: 400mL
Size: 7.5 cm x 16.3 cm/ Weight: 700g
Package Contents per Variant:
With Filter: 1 x Pour Over Coffee Maker; 1 x Stainless Steel Filter
Without Filter: 1 x Pour Over Coffee Maker


Pour Over Coffee Maker Kitchen Tool

Make great coffee the easy way with the Pour Over Coffee Maker Kitchen Tool! It will make the perfect gift for all coffee lovers! If you’re not familiar with it, a pour-over is a type of coffee maker. It works by placing a filter on the opening on top then draining the coffee grounds. The concept of it is that of other coffee makers. Except for the pour-over coffee maker, you won’t need electricity at all. This makes it ideal to use on travels, at the office, or anywhere you want to.

How to Use It

This kitchen is easy to use. First, place the filter of your choice on top of it. Then, place the coffee grounds on it, pour hot water on it, and wait for it to drain completely. The coffee to water ratio depends on your personal preference. Once the dripping has stopped, remove the filter and pour the coffee straight into your mug. If you wish to reheat the coffee, you can place it on a fireless stovetop or heater. It has a temperature resistance of -30°C to 150 °C. It is also made of high borosilicate glass that prevents cracking.

Easy to Clean

Because this coffee maker is an all-in-one tool, you don’t have to waste your time washing dishes anymore. Since it can also withstand cold temperatures, you can store it in the fridge for future use. Then, you can reheat it at any time. Also, it has a transparent design that allows you to track the status of your coffee brewing inside. If you choose the variant that comes with a filter, here are the benefits of a stainless steel coffee filter. Stainless steel filters preserve the natural oils of the coffee better. This = results in a creamier and more aromatic drink. If you prefer a lighter taste, go ahead and use paper filters instead.


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