Serious About Coffee: Coffee Grinders For Your Own Blend - coffee grinder

Serious About Coffee: Coffee Grinders For Your Own Blend

You have it almost every day. Alone, with colleagues, or the closest of your friends. The scene? At home, or out in your favorite cafe. Imagine if you could have that same quality cup of coffee in your very kitchen. A coffee grinder can change your life! For real, for real. Get on the bandwagon and know more about this eclectic drink.

Your Own Coffee Grinder: On The Grind With Coffee Facts

Coffee Grinder: The Charm Of A Cup Of Coffee

What exactly is the charm of fresh-roasted, freshly brewed coffee? Whether you get it made that way, or even when you drink a 3-in-one kind. You have to admit, there’s a certain unexplainable, inexplicable pulling factor coffee has on you and on me.

And really, it started from day one. When it was first discovered. When the drink was found to have a kind of a high that wasn’t destructive. Similarly, people began accustoming themselves to having the beverage as a kind of societal way to bond and relax.

Coffee Grinder: The Charm Of A Cup Of Coffee

More and more began to be drawn to its charm. And more still followed the then dawning culture of having coffee in peaceful settings. While doing calming activities such as reading, writing, conversing, and the like.

Today, you and I are part of the coffee culture as well. There’s no explaining the why of its culture. However, it still exists and is continuing to grow in this day and age.

On The Grind: Coffee Facts

It has been said that having two cups of coffee a day will actually keep you healthier. And live longer! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, coffee surprisingly is good for you, too.

The country that has the most number of coffee plantations: Brazil. Just when we thought Europe could be it. The Europeans added the flair of what coffee houses are now. Still, Brazil holds the record for this. And guess who placed second. Vietnam.

The major types of coffee beans are Robusta and Arabica. They’re the O.G. of the popular drink, if you may say so yourself as well. Equivalently, Arabica is the most catered to and popular type.

Your Own Coffee Grinder: On The Grind With Coffee Facts

The most expensive kind of coffee is made from cat poop! We didn’t want to include this. But hey, it’s still a fact. A cup of such estimates to about $600! The Asian palm civet is the animal that is responsible for this eccentrically expensive coffee bean. It eats coffee cherries so we can see the how of it. No judgment to those who’ve tried this.

Coffee was eaten and not drank. You read it right. Before people knew the bean could be brewed to produce a delicious tasting beverage. Additionally, it had the same effect. It kept them up and about for hours on end.

See? There are reasons unknown to us about the drink we can’t start our mornings without. So grab a coffee grinder and brew yourself a cup at home. We know you want to.

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