The History Of French Coffee Press

The History Of French Press

Brewing device is indeed prevalent in family households. Most of you might have it at home, or it might be there in someone else’s abode. The immersion method is something that has gone through evolution from the very origin of it to the French pressing, which is the modern way of doing it. French coffee press, its origin, and history are indeed things to know.

 Birth Of French Press

French press may sound French but there is an argument between Italian and French. This concerns the coffee brewer which uses the metal screen or cloth to press coffee grounds and fuses to a hot water pot. Moreover, there are legends from the 1850s which point to the origin of coffee brewing. However, Italians used the brewer officially and named it with French in it. Coffee plunger, la cafeteria, or the coffee press are different names of the coffee press in various parts of the world. A French press is of significance due to the rich brews possible in it, ease in using it, and the flair of the brewer throughout time. 

First Patents From 1928

The History Of French Press
The History Of French Press

The method of brewing coffee got documented first in the year 1852. Delforge and Mayer are Frenchmen who made a simple version of the brewer that got recorded. However, the registration of the first patent for the coffee press happened in 1928 by Giulio Moneta and Attilio Calimani. They did an invention very similar to the designs of Delforge and Mayer. The device resembles the vessel adapted for containing the liquid. Coffee is in powder and has slidable filtering with a sufficiently tight fit. Furthermore, it has an infusion and filters at the bottom which allows fast filtering and makes it ready to use.

Original brewing device has undergone enhancements with patents on them. Every enhancement sticks to similar principles and comes with additional changes to the fundamental design of the coffee press. Hence, the first patent of the coffee press came into existence in 1958 and was filed by an Italian. The version comes under the category of Apparatus that immerses tea leaves or ground coffee in hot liquid. Moreover, the first brewer that hit the market in Europe was the product of a French company Chambord. 

Coffee Press History: Appealing Design

Chambord has a classic design that features a steel lid, glass vessel, and a round handle with a rod. The design is still relevant with slight changes. Martin S.A manufactured the brewer till 1991 by following the same design. Furthermore, Danish Bodum bought the company in 1991, and they have also preserved the design through the range of household products. There are different names of brewing devices in European countries that have welcomed la cafeteria, French Press, and coffee plunger. 

French Press The Specialty Coffee Brewer

The History Of French Press
The History Of French Press

A French press is the entry-level in coffee brewing. It is very natural to use and can be handled by people who may not even have any idea about specialty coffee. Moreover, you can still produce tasty brews by choosing fresh beans. You may thus grind them in advance before brewing with the water temperature. 

Innovation In French Press

Coffee press in its innovative form is what you get from Espro. It has a pot of stainless steel and an excellent double filter. Therefore, it can make a delicious coffee.

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