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Types Of Coffee Cups And Their Use

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One size doesn’t fit all, this is an old adage but it is still and always valid. One type of coffee cup won’t be perfect for everyone’s requirement. The coffee cup that you choose to enjoy your brew is going to make a great impact on the taste of the coffee. Yes, this is true. After taking all the efforts of brewing a nice hot coffee and then transferring it into a cup that reduces its taste, you will feel disappointed. Although the coffee cups won’t completely change the way tastes, they do have an impact.

It is important for you to choose the cup that is thick so that you can hold it without burning yourself. The cup should be isolated perfectly to match up with your requirement. Depending upon the drink you go for, there are various types of coffee cups. The latte coffee cup won’t serve Espresso in its best taste and vice versa. Here are some of the types of coffees and the types of cups they need.

Drip Coffee

The drip coffee doesn’t have any huge requirements other than keeping the drink hot. But there is one thing that impacts the entire taste. The coffee has to be filled full if you don’t do that the coffee will become cooler pretty fast. This is the reason own coffee cups of different sizes so that you can fill one of them without worrying about how much you are about to drink.

Latte Cups

The latte coffee is the only drink that requires to be filled in a big cup. It is important for you to pick a cup which is large and from which you can drink a good amount of coffee. There are so many people out there who won’t be able to consume the entire coffee. Remember that it is important for you to pick a cup in which you can fill coffee and cream on top of that without spilling. Choose something that meets all these requirements perfectly.

Coffee Cups And Its Types Explained
Coffee Cups And Its Types Explained


Unlike the other drinks present in the market, the cappuccino is something different. This coffee has a standard size cup and you have to ensure that you fill the cup with the amazing coffee to the top. The cappuccino cups should be in an upside-down pear-shaped model. The smaller diameter in the bottom will help in keeping the coffee hot and it also won’t allow any bubbles to form on the top either. You can use a saucer for great representation.

Coffee Cups And Its Types Explained
Coffee Cups And Its Types Explained

Turkish Coffee

The Turkish coffee is traditionally served in the small-sized cups named Finjan. The main feature of these cups is their design. They are one of a kind and are known across the world as the best and unique cups. Having a cup in this coffee will surely give you a feel of being in Istanbul.

Coffee Cups And Its Types Explained
Coffee Cups And Its Types Explained


Similar to the cappuccino, Espresso also needs a standard-sized cup and it should be in the shape of a ‘V.” The espresso shouldn’t fill the cup completely.

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