Is Americano Coffee Your New Best Friend?

Is Americano Coffee Your New Best Friend?

Are you tired of ordering regular decaf or crappy black coffee? Are you stung by the weak or burned coffee left sitting for hours? All you need now is a cup of an Americano coffee. Coffee, according to certain coffee chains, is a ritual- few can’t function without it while some cannot live without it.

What Is Americano Coffee? Your New Best Friend
Is Americano Coffee Your New Best Friend?

The Birth Of Americano: Six Interesting Americano History

History says that America fought through the European theater of World War II. When the U.S. fighters asked for regular decaf, they got Espresso. It was different.

Traditionally, Espressos usually served with small cups, like that of shots. As sad as it sounds, Espresso is just the Sparknotes version of coffee.

So, to combat this problem, the U.S. GIs just put an addition in their coffee.  It started with the addition of hot water and voila! The Americano came into the world.

If you’re confused with black coffee and Americano, then taste them. You will know the difference.

As for the difference, your Espresso and Americano come down to many more than just ‘brewing.’

When you make ground coffee, you miss the entire sleepy-head process of coffee making. All you need is the sweet wake-up juice right at your bed foot.

Why Do You Need An Americano Over The Others?

Ten Interesting Facts On Americano

At its most primary level, an Americano is just Espresso with hot water in it. On an emotional level, it’s a lot more than a coffee. Here, are few pointers:

1. An Americano is everything you need without being bitter or burned. It is relatively quick, cheap, and outrageously delicious.

2. The beautiful thing about coffee Americano is the variability in flavor. Like a clean juggling of Scotch, espressos often come from various sources.

3. All you need is two shots of Espresso and some hot to warm water that magically forms the Americano.

4. An interesting fact about an Americano coffee drink is, you can make your specific formulas. An Americano is so far the best, and life-changing coffee experience you’ll ever have.

5. You’ll truly understand the flavors of coffee, only when you add some amount of water. A cup of Americano coaxes out the taste over your expectation to shy away.

What Is Americano Coffee? Your New Best Friend
Is Americano Coffee Your New Best Friend?

Few More Interesting Facts on Americano Coffee

6. You get more caffeine, and this lingering taste of coffee americano resides in your every drink. It’s truly a win-win situation that will change your mind over regular drip coffee ever again.

7. As an enthusiastic coffee lover, tasting varieties of coffees and roasts from all around the world is pure joy. Each lovely and rich flavor translates into an Americano, giving you that creamy texture.

8. Coffee is a joy because of the Americano. No matter how many glass shots you have, it remains as elegant, a little sophisticated, and hauntingly subtle as always.

9. Messing up coffee Americano is like setting cereal on fire during breakfast. It can be the worst, hell- sort of experience, but can be a lot better than most black coffees.

10. On a final note, this elixir is invented by the greatest generation in history.  An entire campaign regulates it, and you deserve it.

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